MCM in the Trademark Infringement Lawsuit against A Trademark Infringer
    Publish time 2019-06-10 00:00    


MCM in the Trademark Infringement Lawsuit against A Trademark Infringer

 In 2016, some bags with MXM design were found selling online on Tmall shops. We found that the MIXIMI shop was owned by Guangzhou Zixiang Leather Co., Ltd., and the MCYS shop was owned by Guangzhou MCYS Leather Co., Ltd.

What’s more, the defendant have applied to register several trademarks and design patents which were similar to the MCM trademark, and we believe that it was a large scale of infringement to MCM with purpose. 

The defendant adopted the strategy of delaying tactics. They filed the objection to the jurisdiction and wanted to transfer the case to another Court. However, we did not waste our time we applied for court order so that we could collect sales record of the defendants in Alibaba. Besides we applied for property preservation for the Alipay accounts of the two defendants.


After twice hearing, the total compensation of the two defendants is RMB 1,000,000 (USD 147,059), which means our claims for compensation is completely supported by the Cout. Other claim such as court fee is borne by defendants is also supported by the Court.


This case lasts for almost 2 years, and it’s quite a successful case, not only for it got a high compensation from the civil litigation, but also it set a sample case to strike and punish the infringement of similar trademark heavily in judicial ways.