Gaode map successfully won the patent infringement lawsuit
    Publish time 2019-06-03 00:00    


Gaode map successfully won the patent infringement lawsuit

In this case, based on the patent of "mobile phone map mobile terminal platform embedded in mobile terminal", the plaintiff patent holder accused gaud map of patent infringement and asked gaud map to stop using the patent. The case, which lasted nearly three years, was upheld by the Beijing intellectual property court in its decision not to infringe, which has now come into force.

This case is a typical patent infringement case in the Internet field. On the one hand, it involves relatively complex Internet technology identification; on the other hand, the trial result of the case has a significant impact on the sued enterprise and other similar mobile Internet map enterprises. At the legal level, this case involves the influence of preorder technical features on the protection scope of claim, and also involves how to judge whether the relevant technical features constitute patent infringement when the mobile Internet service provider and the mobile terminal operating system provider are separated and implemented.

The result of this case has typical reference significance for the determination of patent infringement in the Internet field.