William Cao 

Chief Partner; LL.B of Shanghai Donghua University, LL.M of East China University of Political Science and Law; Researcher of intellectual property and competition law institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University.


William has worked as chief executive for the Department of Intellectual Property in Unilever (China) Co., Ltd and Royal Philips Electronics. He established Shanghai Greroyalt& Co., and Shanghai Greroyalt Law Firm in 2000.

William has extensive practical experience and international vision in intellectual property area, especially skilled in intellectual property protection strategy, risk management of intellectual property, intellectual property evaluation, investigation and acquisition for IPO, government relations. Many cases handled by William have been included in the case base of the Supreme People’s Court of China. 

Richard Ren 

Head; LL.B of Shandong University

Since the practice,Richard has engaged in legal practice for over ten years. His areas of practice are trademark infringement, counsel, unfair-competition and contract dispute. Richard has provided service to Gucci, Puma, Biersdorf, Hengyuanxiang and Panpan in handling trademark infringement litigation, enterprise name dispute and domain name dispute. Richard is experienced in dealing with intellectual property cases. Many of his cases are included in the case base of the Higher People’s Court of Zhejiang Province, Henan Province and Shanghai Province.

Michelle Xu

Partner; LL.M of Fudan University;


Main area of practice: non-litigation and litigation trademark cases, customs protection, administrative litigation, malicious litigation of consumers, etc. Michelle has years of experience as an intellectual property consultant, specialized in import and export IP disputes, domain name arbitration and unfair-competition case. She assisted European company in conducting due diligence, drafting and examining contracts in China. Her cases were elected as “2013-2014 Top 10 Cases” by China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment (CAEFI). She is awarded excellent legal supplier by her clients for three successive years.

She has provided legal service to many world-renowned companies, such as MCM,BIRKENSTOCK,LVMH,KERING.

Justin Pan 

Partner; Master of Law;


Area of practice: unfair-competition, Patent dispute, enterprise name disputes, corporation business, administrative review, litigation cases.

Justin Pan has over ten years’ working experience in administrative organs, gathered rich experience in trademark dispute, unfair-competition dispute, enterprise name dispute administrative dispute. He has provided legal service to many world-renowned companies, such as, Osram and Commscope, HERSHEYJINGUAN, PHILIPS.

Jacky Xu 

Partner; LLB of law of Shanghai university;

Area of practice: unfair-competition, Patent dispute, enterprise name disputes, corporation business, administrative review, litigation cases. Jacky’s main direction of practice is foreign-related litigation and arbitration

Jacky represents a large number of litigation cases every year and has profound legal knowledge and professional experience. He publishes professional articles in journals such as "Law" and "Intellectual Property" and has rich experience in judicial practice of e-commerce, trademark infringement recognition and mixed personality. He has provided legal service to many world-renowned companies, such as, GUCCI, YSL and Balenciaga.

Cedric Cai

PartnerBachelor of Law from East China University of Political Science and Law

The main practice area is trademark infringement, unfair competition, contract disputes, administrative litigation, foreign litigation, etc.

Once worked in the legal department of Huaye Materials Industry Group Co., LTD., one of the Top 500 enterprises in China. He has the experience of providing legal services for large enterprises. Lawyer Cedric has taken civil and commercial dispute resolution as the main direction and handled more than 100 litigation and arbitration casesthe area of the case covers intellectual property, company law, real estate, construction engineering, illegal absorbing deposit of the public, etc. He has provided non-litigation legal services for Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Ethnic and Religious Affairs, Huangpu District Commercial Committee, Tianzifang Management Committee, Huangpu District Public Complaints and Proposals Administration and other government departments. In the meantime he provision of legal services for BOSCH, NIVEA, CapitaLand (RAFFLES CITY), WanDao Japanese restaurant and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad. The complicated and difficult cases he has acted as an agent have been heard in the Supreme People’s Court many times. He has rich experience in litigation practice, with the TEM-8 level of English major and the ability to handle foreign-related cases.

Main Cases:

The Supreme People's Court heard the second instance case of a construction contract dispute of a real estate enterprise;

The Supreme People's Court heard the retrial case of land dispute administrative litigation;

The Supreme People's Court heard the second instance case of a dispute over the execution of an objection by an outsider in the case of a real estate enterprise;

The High Court of Zhejiang Province heard the second instance case of the dispute between a Certain industrial enterprise of Shanghai and a Certain Company of Ningbo for disputing over design patent infringement.

Alex Qi

Partner;East China University of Political Science and Law      Bachelor's Degree

Having long been engaged in various litigation cases in civil and commercial fields, and having rich trial experience, having handled hundreds of cases of various kinds, especially specializing in contract, property disputes and intellectual property-related cases. Having served the world's top groups such as Kering, Bosch and 3M, and having accumulated rich experience in localization of foreign litigation and litigation strategies, being able to provide sound legal services to English-speaking clients.

Kaikai Gao


Graduate from Shanghai Maritime University, has the qualification certificate of fund, securities and futures. He is good at dealing with major, difficult and complex cases. Since his practice, he has participated in the agency of many major and difficult cases, which has achieved good agency effect and won the praise of clients and the industry.

Main practice areas of creditor's rights debt disputes, contract disputes, commercial litigation, financial, corporate law, intellectual property, maritime affairs, marriage and family, criminal defense, the architecture design of equity, equity financing, equity incentive, merger, acquisition and reorganization, bankruptcy reorganization, private equity funds, public funds, trademark infringement, margin disputes, entrust financial disputes, credit insurance, trust business and insurance business, the futures business, securities business, labor dispute dispute, administrative litigation, administrative reconsideration, accounts receivable collection.

Roger Zhou  

AttorneyBachelor and Master of Law from Shanghai Jiaotong University

The main practice area is trademark infringement and unfair competition litigation, trade name dispute, Internet intellectual property disputes, domain name arbitration, contract dispute litigation and arbitration and company legal counsel.

Roger provides litigation and non-litigation to World-renowned enterprises such as CommScope, Lincoln Electric, Bosch. Roger participated in civil cases of trademark infringement and unfair competition. He also assisted client obtain about 10 million Yuan in an arbitration case.

Kimi Wu


Bachelor of law,East China University of political science of law.

Since several years’ practice, Kimi has accumulated rich experience in family law services. His main areas of practice includes divorce disputes, inheritance, demolition and resettlement disputes, labor disputes, etc. Kimi also has professional background in the education industry. Focusing on the process of education legislation and policy dynamics for a long time, he has provided legal services for many educational institutions. Since his practice, he has been committed to providing high-quality legal services for every party concerned.

Joyce Shao

Trademark attorneyBachelor of Law from Shanghai University of Political Science and Law

The main practice area is trademark non-litigation business: trademark registration application, objection, review, revocation, corporate trademark strategic planning, etc.With three years of experience in trademark theory and case handling.She has served many well-known enterprises and individuals at home and abroad: Lujiazui Group, Owner group, New Look clothing, ALDI business, Luis Figo, etc.It is committed to protecting the trademark rights of customers and using administrative means to combat and curb the malicious trademark squatting.