Shanghai  GreRoyalt

  • IP
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Administrative Appeal
  • Company Law
  • Compliance
  • Family
  • M&A/Bankruptcy
  • Criminal Prosecution



Ø   Application of trademark registration, opposition, application of trademark invalidation, customs recordation

Ø   Patent application, review, invalidation, customs recordation

Ø   Registration of copyright, customs recordation


Ø   Intellectual property scheme, distribution, trusteeship, licensing

Ø   Intellectual property assessment, assignment, acquisition

Ø   Due diligence of intellectual property

Administrative and criminal protection


Ø   Border IP protection: application of customs record, application of General-security treatment, customs training, customs data report

Ø   Business investigation and raid action: general strategy of raid, raid action

Ø   Preservation of infringing evidence, notary purchase online and off line

Ø   Launching criminal procedure, prosecuted for infringers’ criminal liability

Litigation and Arbitration

Ø   Litigation for infringement confirmed

Ø   Compensation of trademark, patent, copyright infringement

Ø   Patent ownership and contract dispute

Ø   Business secret and unfair-competition

Ø   Dispute on similar name of company and domain name

Dispute Resolution 

Ø   Contract disputation

Ø   Arbitration

Ø   International trading

Ø   Tort disputation

Ø   Loan disputation

Ø   Enforce the judgment


Administrative Cases 

ØAdministrative investigation: assisting clients in dealing with administrative investigation, statement and pleadings.

ØAdministration review: initiate appeal procedure to high lever administration office or government against administrative punishment.

ØAdministrative litigation: file administrative litigation, related to trademark registration, patent review, advertisement, product quality, labeling, food security, import inspection.


Company Law 

Ø   Establishment and conversion, equity transfer, merger and division.

Ø   Due diligence, legal counsel, drafting of legal opinion.

Ø   Contract drafting and disputation negotiation.

Ø   Annual legal counsel.

Ø   Risk management, disclosure of information.

Ø   Labor relation disputation.



Ø   Provide appropriate compliance strategy in accordance with the operation mode of our client.

Ø   Provide daily legal service, information of new law and internal investigation.

Ø   Provide compliance service in the course of investment and insure that the behavior of our clients never  violate any articles in anti-corruption, anti-commercial bribe or anti-monopoly.

Ø   Compliance of the supplier (includes shareholders, actual controllers and senior executives) of our clients and ensure trade safety of our clients.

Ø   Provide compliance legal service on transaction structure.

Consumer Litigation

Ø   Deal with malicious report or litigation of consumers by investigation, evidence collection and legal analysis;

Ø   Help our clients maintain corporate reputation and brand image, and restrain such trouble consumers to collect profits from launching the malicious litigation.



Foreign Marriage/ Witness 

Ø   Risk assessment and plan of premarital and marital property.

Ø   Marriage, divorce and property division.

Ø   Witness of will.

 Family Property Trust

Ø   Providing trust plan for the protection of assets security.

Ø   Family property management and inheritance by means of will, trust, insurance or other planning tools.


M&A/ Bankruptcy

Ø   Due diligence, design of transaction structures, consultation of transactions. Drafting and negotiation of       transaction documents, drafting of legal opinion in accordance with the instructions of our clients or regulators, suggestions of anti-monopoly declaration, legal opinions on other important issues.

Ø   Intellectual property due diligence and assessment of the target company.

Ø   Investigation report of non-performing assets, legal evaluation and disposal opinion of creditor’s right, acting as bankruptcy administrator.



Criminal Presecution

◆  Criminal Defense

◆  To act as the defender of a criminal suspect or defendant

◆  To file a complaint on behalf of a criminal victim

◆  Criminal consultation,investigation and evidence collection

◆  Other business related to criminal cases