The Latest Progress Report of Love and care Education Project by Greroyalt
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Love wings for dreams, youth sets sail with hope. In 2021, with the good vision of promoting social welfare and common prosperity, new progress has been made in "Outstanding Poor Female High School Students Sponsorship Program" by Greroyalt Law Firm.

There are five senior three students sponsored by Greroyalt have taken part in 2022 college entrance examination, which is half of the total number of students sponsored since last year. What's even more exciting is that at least four of them are now confirmed to have entered the first batch of universities!

We are glad to see these students who were sponsored by us achieve excellent results, realize their dreams and change their destiny. The original intention of Greroyalt is to help those poor students who are positive and hardworking to change their destiny through our helping hand, so that they can feel the care from the society and come out of their different and wonderful life.

We would like to congratulate these five students again and hope that your future will be more exciting and brilliant!